Montag, 5. Dezember 2016


J. feeds the seagulls 
I hear their wing beat
next to my heart

With my new biscuit cutter from the Isemarket
 I cut out a bunch of birdies

We enjoy them at tea time
of this 2nd advent 
today, when I even cut some
barbara branches 
of mirabelle plum and apple
{the roses not
they are from Saxifraga
my flower dealer}

Yesterday, at Saturday
I couldn't resist the sunshine
and have jumped into the chillness
Have found some branches of cherry...
at the park Planten un Blomen
[but it's forbidden to cut them]

and so I have put a frame on 
mother nature's beauty

Those cypresses! 
these oak leave(s)! 
frozen or not
an eye candy!

If you want to see more photos
of the frozen park, 
please look here at my Flickr.
I wish you a happy day

Love, Ariane. Rose

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016


Verschiedene Weisen durch die Luft zu fliegen*

Different ways to fly through the air*

bis zum Sonnenuntergang (in andere Richtung)

til sunset (in the other direction)

* im 1. Foto ist der Samenstand von der Herbst-Anemone zu sehen

* you see at the first photo the seeds of the Japanese windflower, an anemone

Yours deeply
Ariane. Rose

Sonntag, 27. November 2016

1. Advent | Kranz | Kochbuch

Zum 1. Advent ist's hier sonnig

At the first advent the sun is back here

und ich habe endlich einen eigenen Tisch (AC# 197)!

rumms! das Rohmaterial für ein paar Kränze

Wham! the raw materials for some wreaths

Thuja, olive branches, eukalyptus, rosemary and rose hips... hmm, and hydrangea

Ich nehme das, was in den nächsten 5 Wochen 
in Würde trocknet und dabei auch noch gut duftet 

I take this, what will dry in the next 5 weeks 
with dignity and smells good, too



Ich habe in der AC#195 Garden Party etwas angedeutet

I have hinted at a project in the AC#195 Garden Party


Mein Freundin Anuschka fragte mich im letzten Mai, 
ob ich bei einem Kochbuch-Projekt mit Geflüchteten fotografieren wolle
 und ich sagte zu. Nun ist das Buch KOCHABENDE fertig. 

My friend Anuschka asked me last May,
 if I would photograph for a cookbook project with refugees
 and I agreed with her. Now the cookbook is ready.

 Ich freue mich, dass ich einen kleinen Beitrag zu diesem tollen Projekt geben konnte!

I am so happy, that I could contribute a little to this great project!

 Wünsche euch einen schönen 1. Advent

Wish you a happy first advent

Love, Ariane. Rose

Samstag, 19. November 2016


I find sanctuary in mother nature
 even in fall, the metal of the Five-Phasis
(which will turn into water in a few weeks)

and I take it to the inside

Thank God, I am not, what I lost
and I understand that
I carry my sanctuary with me –
what a gift!

and: in carrying on
there is enough (new) beauty
right in the centre

into the infinite 
back to myself
pull threads around me
to escape

                                                      (after Else Lasker-Schüler)



today: No. 201 SANCTUARY


Dear Veronica is our host of the Art Challenge
No 201 with her theme SANCTUARY
Thank you, Dear, for catching the ball ;-)

For this Art Challenge I have meditated after a (detail) of a poem 
by Else Lasker-Schüler with oil pastels 
on a paper of a frame, that I've found at the flea market and add with 
a pencil some golden 'threads' and give it back to the frame.

You can have a little peep into the inside of the Castle at Eisenbach. 
As my friend Isolde once said, there are many kinds of altar...

Do you find in my photos, here, the repeating pattern and lines of circle and
oval which is a lying circle and - egg-shaped not less than

the genesis


For more SANCTUARY please visit
the amazing place of Veronica Roth


Who wanna host the next AC?

Repeating pattern:🌹🌖

Thank you for your visit. 
I wish you a happy weekend!
Love, Ariane. Rose